You've reached Zooey Deschanel Online, an online source for Zooey's fans! She is best known as the quirky Jess on FOX's hit television show New Girl, and for her past roles in (500) Days of Summer, Your Highness, Elf, Almost Famous, Yes Man, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Bridge to Terabithia and many others. Zooey is also a talented musician, she released four albums with her indie folk band, She & Him. Feel free to browse the site and take advantage of our gallery. If you have questions or donations please contact us. Thanks!
Name Analysis
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• The name Zooey has given them an appreciation of the business world and the handling of finances.

• They could do well in the sales field.

• They are ambitious, desire the best in life, and appreciate quality in all things.

• They are creative, promotional, and versatile, all qualities leading to success in the financial side of their life.

• However, this name has made them rather aggressive, shrewd, and critical and has caused them to be extremely independent.

• It is difficult for them to express fully the softer, more feminine qualities that should be a part of your nature.

• This name creates such a strong, positive nature, that the more sensitive types of people would find it overpowering at times.

• It is not easy for you to relax because you feel so much drive.

• Tension, which is destructive to their health, affects them in the area of the solar plexus and stomach.